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I’m Chryssoula Filippakopoulos. I’m a writer, storyteller, editor, bibliophile, musical-theatre lover, picture-taker and traveller.

I was born in Athens, Greece, and grew up in Toronto, Ontario, where I attended York University and Ryerson School of Journalism.

After I graduated from journalism school, in 1994, I followed my career aspirations and spirit of adventure to Saskatchewan. My first stop was Prince Albert. A stint in Moose Jaw followed. I’ve lived in Regina, the provincial capital, since 1999.

Today, I’m a journalist-turned-marketing-and-communications specialist.

I strive to make time every day to relish the view. I’ll write about how I fare in this space.

As the late composer and playwright Jonathan Larson wrote in his Tony- and Pulitzer-winning rock musical Rent, “No day but today.”

If you want to connect, I’m at chryssoulafilippakopoulos@gmail.com.

You’ll also find me on Twitter and Instagram.


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